Digital Tennis 2021

We are pleased to present the first version of the new TCR website to the members.

In order to further customize the site for the TCR in the future, please allow all members to submit pictures of club happenings with the consent to use them on the website.

The future of a tennis club lies in its youth. Digital Tennis should make the TCR modern and attractive, especially for our champions of tomorrow.

The club has a long tradition, family-friendly and competition-oriented, members can enjoy a great tennis facility and an inviting restaurant.

Digital Tennis presents the TCR in the digital world to be at the forefront there as well. In addition to the modern appearance, in the future there will be the possibility to efficiently settle the membership fee online, which will save a lot of effort. A login on the website will enable an internal club area, where in the future club information, pictures and videos can be stored and shared or a club player exchange will be possible. The reservation system will be integrated “responsive” into the website in the next few years and can then be used comfortably with a central login on all devices to enable easy reservations and to complement the reservation panel at the clubhouse. And also on the courts there could be one or the other novelty for our club members in the future.

The website is developed with the world’s leading database-driven CMS system WordPress. Content is thus built up dynamically. In addition, the website builder WordPress Bakery will be used, which in the future will allow the responsible members to customize content easily and quickly. So that the website can always be kept up to date and modern. Without further HTML programming knowledge.

Apart from the costs for hosting at the Swiss provider Cyon, support and a module for multi-language capability, there are no costs for the TCR.

We hope to give our members a little pleasure with this site and look forward to your feedback and ideas on how Digital Tennis can be further developed within the scope of our possibilities.

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