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– booking system

– new TCR-Homepage

– new classifications

– Registration Individual Club Championship (Zimmerberg-CM)

Reservation system

Attention, no “placeholders” may be used, such as a family member, to have a second pre-reservation !

It is not allowed to reserve a place with someone who does not intend to play at all, in order to then later use the right partner who has become free.

Unfortunately, this happens again and again and is clearly a circumvention of the regulations that only an advance reservation is possible at the moment.

We ask everyone to be fair to the other members !

If necessary you have to delete an existing reservation (both patners can do this in the system) and enter it again later.

The screen by the clubhouse is back up and running and can be used to look up who is playing where.

However, no reservations can be made there yet.

Guests are not allowed to play for the time being.

Classification jumps of TCR players

Classification new:

R4 Lukas Lanz
R5 Linus Gabrielsson, Davide Ponte, Frederik von Gerlach
R6 Andreas Fischer, Patrick Hitz, Daniel Schudel
R7 Cédric Bill, Manuel Bollier, Werner Bollier, Florian Frank, Michael Mandl, Paolo Ponte, Jonas Weibel
R8 Dario Barlocchi, Aiden Graf, Matteo Grimm, Raffael Haueter, Frank Oliver Jüdt, Urs Kohler, Sven Ramseyer, Bruno Richner, Philipp von Michaelis

Congratulations to all !

New homepage

We are pleased to present you the first version of the new TCR website under the link

The homepage is constantly being updated and developed and is intended to become the central, constructive input is always welcome.

In order to further customize the site for the TCR in the future, please allow all members to submit pictures of club happenings with the consent to use them on the website.

We hope to be able to give the members a little pleasure with the site and look forward to your feedback and ideas on how Digital Tennis can be further developed within the scope of our possibilities.

Please contact Martin Baur, the developer, sponsor and person responsible for the new TCR homepage:

The board would like to thank Martin very much for the many hours of work he spent for free on our new homepage !

Individual Club Championship Adults “Zimmerberg-CM” Individual 2021

TC Rüschlikon + TC Hof Gattikon + TC Thalwil + TC Kilchberg

All categories will be played in group matches from the beginning of June until 29 August.

Deadline for registration is Sunday, 16 May 2021

Tournament Director: Patrick Hunter, Gotthardstr. 8, 8800 Thalwil, 044 720 02 15,

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