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01.04.2021 Course opening

April 1, 2021 - April 30, 2021

Dear Club Members

It is so far, the places 1+2+5 are on Friday the 01.04.2021 from 13 o’clock open !

In the reservation system you will see which places are open.

Please read this mail carefully to the end, everyone who wants to play tennis with us must abide by these rules.

Please still play cautiously and don’t pick any battles so we can prevent holes.
Please also look out for information from the groundsman at the club, certain pitches may still be closed.
Please use old shoes at the beginning if possible and run carefully !
If there are holes in the sand while playing, please fill them up immediately with your shoes and stomp on them!

Attention: since the clubhouse is not occupied at the moment, you must bring your own balls !

Until further notice, no reservations can be made at the club on the big screen.

Reservations are now only made with the external reservation via a PC/laptop or now also with the mobile phone/tablet (app instructions see below).

Guests are not allowed to play at the moment, only registered members are allowed to play !

It is not allowed to play without a reservation (contact tracing).

Who has not yet been registered in the system, please contact us !

Children can also be registered if they are club members, i.e. one parent is an active member.

In no case a wrong name may be used, otherwise the contact tracing is falsified !

Advance reservations are currently mandatory for all times, including evenings and weekends !
The playing time is always 60 minutes, also in the evening and on weekends.

It is only possible to make a reservation in advance /
We do not want to dictate to the members how often they can play, but only to avoid that permanent reservations are made and to ensure more fairness.
This will spread the court usage more across all members and limit the frequent players a bit, which is supposed to be the point in this situation.
So only one reservation can be made, only after the end of this hour another reservation can be booked.
If you want to make a spontaneous reservation at short notice, you must delete any other prior reservation beforehand (and then enter it again).
So if you want to play daily and are flexible you can still do so.

As before, there is no limit to how far into the future you can pre-reserve /

If you want to play longer than one hour in a row you have to hope that nobody signs up afterwards. You can then reserve the next hour after your hour has expired
and keep playing. Or continue playing without a new reservation as long as no one claims the spot.

Google Crome, Firefox, Safari and Edge are the browsers which work.
Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Instructions online reservation system (PC/laptop):

1. open the webtool hereand click on login.
2. select the desired day
3. click on the desired place and the approximate time in the day view on the left side
4. change the exact time in the menu
5. scroll down and search and select the game partner, save. Or, for doubles, check the “doubles” box and select the remaining two playing partners, the same as for singles.

You will also find the link to the external reservation on our homepage on the right side.

NEW! There is now a web app for mobile phones and tablets for seat reservations, available via https://app.tennis-challenge.net/

  • The first time you have to choose your own club.
  • The user data for logging in are the same as for the previous web tool, which also remains in parallel.
  • The app is clearly laid out, but limited to the following functions:
    • See availability or existing reservations per seat and day
    • Create reservation
    • Delete reservation

Anyone with questions about the app or reservation system, please feel free to contact Linus at klgabrielsson@gmail.com.

Or of course with me: 044 720 02 15 or patrick.hunter@bluewin.ch.

This mail will also be uploaded on the homepage of our www.tcr.ch so that you can read it.

Sporty greetings
Patrick Hunter


April 1, 2021
April 30, 2021
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