Rado Club Champion Trophy TC Rüschlikon

Registration for the 2021 Club Championship. Dates in the preliminary round are arranged by the players.

“Zimmerberg CM” Single 2021:
– TC Rüschlikon
– TC Kilchberg
– TC Thalwil
– TC Hof Gattikon

All categories will be played in group matches from the beginning of June until 29 August.
The final weekend for all qualifiers will take place on September 4/5.
Club Champion Trophy All results against licensed players are rated by Swiss Tennis.
Entry fee All competitions are free of charge!
Mode of play 2 winning sets (tie-break in all sets)
Match times Each group match is arranged independently by the 2 players and played in the
Club of the one player played.

Deadline for registration is Sunday, 16 May 2021

Tournament director: Patrick Hunter, 044 720 02 15, patrick.hunter@tcr.ch

If you can play during the day, please inform the tournament management!

Attention: You are only allowed to participate in one competition !


– Ladies R1-R6
– Ladies R6-R9 incl. Unlicensed
– Ladies 50+ (born 1971 and later) R7-R9 incl. Unlicensed
– Men R1-R6
– Men R5-R7
– Men R7-R9 incl. Unlicensed
– Men 35+ (born 1986 and later): R1-R6
– Men 35+ (born 1986 and later): R6-R9 incl. Unlicensed
– Men 45+ (born 1976 and later): R1-R7
– Men 45+ (born 1976 and later): R7-R9 incl. Unlicensed
– Men 60+ (born 1961 and later): R6-R9 incl. Unlicensed

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